South Toe River Falls


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Revisited one of the waterfalls on South Toe river that I had previously visited with Reid Northrup a year or so ago. Reid suggested coming back with a lower flow and I think that was a good idea. The fall isnt such a blob of white and reveals the rocks underneath a bit more.

There are 3 or 4 waterfalls within 200 yards of each other. There's no trail so you have to listen for the falls as you walk, and scramble up and down the steep banks until you find one you like. If you want a little time to yourself this summer, this may be the place. Taken 6-28-21

If you are looking for these falls take Highway 80 to the Blue Ridge Parkway then get off on South Toe River Rd. (FSR 472) and park at the gate (portion of the road furthest away from Mount Mitchell) Walk down about a mile or so (just a guess on distance) until you come to a series of bridges that have water flowing under them. Head a little further down the the gravel road and start listening for waterfalls on the right. Be safe, and as always leave not trash behind.



Mike Koenig

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