Yellow Fork Falls North Carolina


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This is one of my favorite falls shots for the year. I don't go out as much as some people so I really pick and choose where and when I get to go. This trail is interesting to say the least. Not really to bad just interesting. Trail is on old 105 / Wisemans View rd. If you need help getting there just ask. The trail is pretty level and then dips down abruptly at end. In order to get down over a rock face a 8-10ft ladder has been erected. Then a little further down some old ropes. Its a fun hike, good cardio and the waterfall is an amazing swimming hole.


David Woodring

David Woodring 2020-09-09T14:30:04+00:00

Love the lighting

Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig 2020-09-09T16:12:24+00:00

Thanks David!


Steve West

Steve West 2020-07-26T04:08:25+00:00

Beautiful dreamlike image!

Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig 2020-07-26T04:08:49+00:00

Thanks Steve!


Joshua Moore

Joshua Moore 2020-07-02T15:57:11+00:00

Lovely framing here Mike.

Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig 2020-07-02T18:38:55+00:00

Thanks man! Took me a little while to find the right angle. Nice spot, u ever wanna go let me know. Sure u could find it yourself though.


Terri Campbell

Terri Campbell 2020-07-01T15:05:44+00:00

I love love love this image. Probably my favorite of yours so far. It's so well composed, and the exposure is perfection. Wish I was standing there now!! Putting this on my "to-do" list soon!

Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig 2020-07-01T15:15:37+00:00

You need any help i can tell you how to get there. Its really a nice waterfall. Yeah you need this one.



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