How do you succeed in Landscape Photography?

How do you succeed, or rather, how do you prove yourself as genuinely good Landscape Photographer?

Josh Moore
(Josh Moore Photo credit Anthony Toribio)

I can only speak to what has worked for myself, and the best answer I can give is to fail and fail again. My greatest photography successes came from many failed attempts; this is how we learn, or at least how I have learned. You have to have pretty thick skin in today's world as well. A simple critique could make some people question whether they want to continue in this field or not.

There is a lot that goes into Landscape Photography or any genre of photography you choose. There are thousands of photographers, all wanting the same recognition or to have their image featured. But what does it really take to compete in today's world? The photographers you read about today were never instantly good at their craft, but rather stubborn and determined individuals. And that's what you have to be. You can't be afraid to be told no, you can't be afraid to have someone bash your work, style, or whatever else they may think of. These are all opportunities for you to grow. To succeed, you simply can't give up. Try, and they try again, and again, and again. Eventually, it will become second nature, and out of nowhere, there will be a yes, and you will see how your work has been made better because of the work and stubborn determination you have put into it. Most importantly, however, love the work you create. If you love what you create, you create something someone else will love.