South Toe River Falls


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South Toe River Falls is a small waterfall in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Need to return when there isnt so much water and the main cascade has a little more detail to it.


Reid Northrup

Reid Northrup 2020-08-20T17:39:37+00:00

This really turned out great Mike. Your angle is much better than what I used. Your processing really turned out well with highlights in just the right areas. Definitely need to get back there when water level is down a bit.

Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig 2020-08-21T01:45:12+00:00

Lets go Reid I actually liked yours better. Had to wade pretty deep to get over here if you remember.
Nice falls for sure glad we found it..not found but found.


Emily Weston-Hunt

Emily Weston-Hunt 2020-08-19T17:01:52+00:00

Beautiful! Please take a look at my pic! I have more to come! You have great work!



Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig

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