OBX Wild Stallion 2019


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OBX Wild Stallion 2019 w/ Cattle Egret. The wild horses on the most upper beaches of north carolina are descendant from wild Spanish Mustangs. The most popular story is that ship carrying these horses crashed on the barrier islands and the descendants swam to shore. If you rent a house up on Carova Beach (4x4 access only) they can be seen wandering around eating the grasses by day and near sunset many times they walk down to the beach to get away from the insects and to sleep. The cattle egrets follow them around and eat the horse flies that hang out. The egrets do not follow them to the beach for some reason.

You can see a wound thats healing on the shoulder of this male. They fight for females and that often includes biting and kicking. This guy at one point had a chunk bit out of his shoulder. These bite marks are very common.



Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig

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