Makapu'u Point


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Hope y'all aren't getting tired of the Hawaii images...but going back to the ND filter color cast- Here's an image using the same filter, but no cast (even before I converted it to BW) I got soaked on this series of shots, trying to time the waves and the ebb and flow of the tides was fun. liked this location so much, I came back the next day. I love black and white photography because it strips it down to just the landscape, the textures, the shadows and light. This is one of my favorites from that trip.


Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig 2020-07-02T02:47:49+00:00

This is nice, but I feel not as contrasty as the other shots. It looks good but i think your others are better.

Terri Campbell

Terri Campbell 2020-07-02T13:56:19+00:00

Thanks Mike! I probably need to punch up the whites here, but I kinda dig the darker moodiness of it too. Might take it back into post though, just to play with it.


Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig 2020-07-02T14:30:48+00:00

I mean the others are so good its kinda hard to match. Id be happy with this but im not super good at bw.



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Terri Campbell

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