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A couple weeks ago, me and the hubs were out on the motorcycle and saw this. Not exactly what you want to see from the back of a Harley, but the photographer in me wanted off the bike! I try to travel light when I'm on the bike, one body one lens. It's kind of fun to push yourself that way. I tend to haul most of everything I own if I'm going out shooting cause I love having every available tool for every possible scenario, but simplifying it and forcing yourself to shoot what you have is a nice challenge! I'll post the color version of this to instagram...I usually have a clear favorite, but this one was tougher to pick one over the other. IG: @girlincamo if you'd like to check it out!


Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig 2020-08-01T16:29:43+00:00

Looks very nice Terri! Yeah probably not good to see that on a bike question



Terri Campbell

Terri Campbell

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