Cabin going over board


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I am in love with this cabin, One day this cabin won't be there. The land beside is caving in to the river slowly every year. The deck is being held up by straps. Abandoned after the owner passed from a boating accident. His son lives so far away it's just sitting there.


Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig 2020-07-31T03:47:38+00:00

Nice capture. Also a sad sorry. Its sort of immortal now. Maybe put the adress if you post somewhere else in future. Who knows area residence 100 years from now might look at.


Mazakie 2020-07-31T04:13:20+00:00

A lot of the people that used to live in the area are no longer alive, unfortunately. I grew up in a small-town community and the farm living was miles spread apart. Only my father lives on that strip of dirt road now the rest have passed, rest their souls. They were all great people including John. I had met him on a few occasions while he was still building the cabin. That flat part on the roof is meant for a telescope so he could see the stars better. There is a trap door inside with stairs that lead up to the roof. The exact location I was asked to keep secret by John's son Jason. For whatever his reason I really didn't ask I still felt honored I was allowed to take this photo and the one with the barn and yellow sky. These two photos will always have a special place in my heart.


Mike Koenig

Mike Koenig 2020-07-31T15:45:42+00:00

Thats amazing with the roof and trap door leading to a observation area. As a kid we lived in Northern Missouri just south of Iowa when you said my neighbor you meant the guy who lived 3-5 miles up the road. I understand that. At least they have the photo probably means alot to them.



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